Do Not Sell My Information

What information may Off Lease Only share for value?

We may share Personal Information with other companies who do not provide services to us ("Third Parties") such as companies that provide the ancillary products and services you purchase from us. This sharing may be considered a "sale" in some jurisdictions.

Categories of Personal Information we may sell include personal identifiers and contact information; documents containing Personal Information; commercial information; internet and network information; and inferences drawn from the above categories of Personal Information. We may share each of these categories of Personal Information with the following categories of third parties: providers of GAP insurance, service contracts, GPS services, vehicle protection products and key replacement.

Why does Off Lease Only collect my information?

Off Lease Only collects information to more effectively customize advertising and user experiences on our website. We collect some of that information by using cookies and similar technologies, and other information may be provided by you. This information is sent to our advertising partners such as Google, Facebook, and others.

Can you opt-out from having your information?

You have the right to direct us not to sell your Personal Information to Third Parties. We will process verified requests within 15 days, subject to any applicable exceptions and extensions permitted by law. You may send your requests to us at, call us at 833-551-0335, or send us a letter to the following address:

Off Lease Only, LLC
Attn: Privacy
827 South State Road 7
North Lauderdale, Florida 33068